Millside Store Redesign

Date: 11th December 2023


Framework: Magento 2.2.6

Upgrade:  Magento 2.4.4


Hi Lesley! 

We are putting together this quote for you to upgrade your Magento 2 version and update the websites theme to something similar to we will quote separately for more features of the website which we feel are premium and which you may not want.

Website Design & Development

Magento 2 - 2.2 -> 2.4

Over the course of 16 Magento Versions, a lot has changed in the backend of their framework, we are able to offer you a plethora of new features that come with upgrading from your current Magento version to a new and improved framework.

A few of these features includes

  • Integrated Gift Cards System for automated Gift Card Creation
  • Credits to spend on the website as a form of refund to improve customer loyalty 
  • Google ReCaptcha integration for improved security of your admin panel 
  • Integrated Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Improved Search functionality with ElasticSearch 
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility for increased speed and stability of your entire website

You can read more about this here: 

A Brand New Feel To Your Website - Taking inspiration from

When taking a look at the Lemieux website, there are quite a few heavily customised aspects to the site, here are all the aspects which we would include as part of the this package, taking heavy inspiration from the Lemieux website:

  • Mega Menu
  • Homepage layout similar to with large boxes for products and videos
  • Catalog full width layout with large product images
  • Product image hover 
  • Upselling on product pages
  • Comprehensive filtering system, allowing customers to easily navigate to find the product they are looking for*
  • Swatch based filtering for mega menu and categories
  • Live chat for easily accessible live support**

* This filtering system is only for the setup, every single product must be checked/changed as required, CADS are not responsible for these product changes, however, we can give you a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the filtering system and continuous support if you chose to go with optional website support. 

** live chat will be answered by yourselves, this isn’t a required feature but its something that the Lemieux site has and it can be very helpful when customers are struggling to find the option that you want

The setbacks

In order to create something similar to the Lemieux website, you will need big and bold images and even possibly videos.

with this can cause quite a heavy load on the server and will eventually cause crashing of the site, in order to combat this, we would need to put you on a separate server solely for your site so that it has all the resources it needs.

this means that your website will never be affected by other sites and it has all the bandwidth it will need.

if we see that your website is taking too much traffic and starts to slow down, we we have the option to upgrade the server to get it back up to speed.

New and improved Stock functionality

Recently we have had quite a few issues with the Datalink from Sage to the website, we feel like there are a few things that are causing these issues, mainly your internet connection and your back office servers performance.

We will also change the way that your data is transferred into the website.

With this change, you will need to create the product in Magento 2 and input the SKU that matches the Sage product code, after this, the new software will automatically adjust only stock and price settings where necessary, dramatically reducing the amount of resources required to perform stock and price updates.

Upgrade to Magento 2.4.4 & Website Redesign
£150.00 / month
Optional Website Support

After the website goes live, this can be added as an additional extra to your hosting, this includes any support needed on the website for any ongoing issues and any small alterations to the completed theme.

This does not include future major Magneto upgrades. we will bill these separately 

£200.00 / month


A comfortable timeframe that we expect to follow, after the quote has been agreed, we would expect the project to take 5~6 months to complete.