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Fully responsive website design from CADS website design in Swadlincote, Burton on Trent and Ashby de la Zouch.

Website Design

We at CADS Ltd are able to supply you with great looking, high quality websites at a reasonable price, we have designed sites such as Jane Woolrich or Earlswood GLC.

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What we can do for you

Never has it been so important to have an online presence. Whether you run a business or are a budding photographer, having an online website can help you to reach your audience and make more sales.

Having your own website can help your business reach new customers. Almost everyone uses the internet every single day. That means that there are potentially millions of people who will now be able to see your business.


Sell products and services online with an unique eCommerce website.​ At CADS we work with different CMS platforms to ensure that your website best suits your business needs, no matter the budget.


Having a well designed website can help your business to show case your products and services. At CADS we develop websites catered to your businesses needs and goals.


Not every website has to be business. Maybe you want somewhere to show of your work or maybe you want an online CV? No matter the reason, we at CADS can create affordable websites for anybody.

Mobile First web Design

Mobile phones and tablets are as popular as they have ever been. They are easy to use and can be carried anywhere whilst still being connected to the internet. In fact most internet browsing today is done on these devices.

If you own a business and your website isn’t usable on these devices then a lot of your potential customers/users will not only struggle to use your website, but they might not be able to find it in the first place because search engines, like google, prefer websites to be mobile friendly.

At CADS we will design your website to be fully responsive. This means your customers will be able to use any device or browser to view your website.

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Responsive Cads Website Design Swadlincote, Burton on Trent and Ashby de la Zouch

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Our Process


The first step is a free consultation with a member of our team.


Our expert team will work with you to plan and map the best course of action for the upcoming project.


Before we develop your new website it is important that we a beautiful design approve by you.


We will plan, develop and test your new website. At this stage any feedback is encourage and any changes you would like can be made.


Our team will test your website vigorously to ensure that it is fully responsive, performs well and is well optimized for search engines.


Once every last detail of your website is perfect, it can be launched. But dont worry, our team will continue to offer support so that getting to grips with your new site as easy as possible.